Personal Diaries: The secret to happiness

In a week from now, I’ll be on my way home. I’m going back to Greece. This flight back home signifies the end of a 5 years circle in my life and the beginning of a new one. What is this end? The end of a personal journey towards reinventing myself, living abroad and setting the foundation of the life I dreamt. What is this new beginning? Happiness and a totally different perspective to life that I would never gain without starting my personal adventure. When I first left my country, I left with a personal mission to do what I love in life and live with excitement and passion…and damn! It was a hell of a ride! I traveled and lived in so many different places, I met people from all walks of life and I had the most profound experiences. I found myself in numerous situations that I…

Intuition leads and guides us to happiness

Intuition goes by many names such as gut instinct, sixth sense, inner voice, spiritual guide, or innate wisdom. It extends beyond the rational often reflecting in those impressions we can’t always explain or justify no matter how much our brains want an answer. I have found myself experiencing a close relationship with my intuition. The more I have heeded its wisdom and advice, the more it has proven itself accurate and true. This has birthed in me the conviction that our intuition is an unmistakable guide to our happiness, but how do we actually learn to trust our intuition? Intuition goes beyond rationalization The two hemispheres of our brain are each responsible for different thought processes. The left side of the brain focuses on those processes that bring about logic, analytical thinking, and rationalization; the right side is intimately connected with our imagination and creativity. We live in a world…