positive thinking


Being Positive It’s a Mind Game

Our mind generates thousands of small fleeting thoughts. In fact, we can have up to 65,000 thoughts per day. According to scientists, 65% – 80% of our thoughts are negative and about 98% of our daily thoughts are identical to the thoughts we had the day before. Quite boring, isn’t it? We tend to trap our mind in a vicious circle of negative thoughts following the same pattern over and over. It really sounds exhausting! Observing your Thoughts There is never a moment we stop thinking. We make thoughts even when we don’t realize it. These small fleeting thoughts coming in and out of our conscious mind have a significant impact on the way we feel and act. This is why sometimes we experience shifts in our mood without being able to explain the logical thinking behind it. One moment we are happy, the next gloomy. What happen in between?…

Meeting with your Higher Self

How many times have you found yourself spelling out the reasons holding you back from the person you are and the person you want to be? I think we all have been in a transitional state of our lives that we felt that it’s time to move on, that it’s time for change! Personally, I’ve been there many times! It’s easy to get inspired, but in reality becoming a better you, it’s a daily mental practice. It never really stops! You can’t really expect to become better without wisdom, experience and focus. It’s a step by step learning process to keep your mind in shape. You need a plan, motivation and consistency! You need to remind yourself that it’s time to change your old habits and put every day a little bit of effort in developing the new you! The concept of the Higher Self This may sound somewhat abstract,…