Let’s talk about macronutrients in your diet!

Knowing how to use macronutrients as an ally to your diet does miracles in your training and shaping your body! As I explained on my previous blog post How to turn a “diet” into fitness goals, the way we combine macronutrients in our nutrition affects our appetite, hormone levels, energy and general health. Each of the macros has a different effect on our bodies in ways that help your overall fitness goals. If you use your macros in a smart way, you’ll very soon see results on your body and understand the meaning of “We are what we eat”. So, don’t worry, it’s all about chemistry here, and it’s much simpler than it seems! Protein: The muscle builder Why should you love protein and include it in every meal? Protein intake is vital, because it regulates most of our body’s functions. It is important for cell renewal and maintenance of various body structures such as organs, blood circulation and…

How to turn a “diet” into fitness goals

Let’s face it! Anyone can lose weight! However, most of us have difficulty developing healthy eating habits which are long lasting. A “diet” lasts only for a while…the question is how do you learn to eat healthy and maintain a fitness lifestyle nutrition? What is a nutrition regime that supports your fitness goals and helps you be strong and sexy? If your goal is only losing weight, all that is required is for you to reduce your calorie intake (How much should I eat for weight loss? ) However, this is not going to be an effective solution for building muscle, toning, shaping and feeling your best. You see, simply reducing calories will ensure that you lose weight, however you will also be losing muscle mass, and this will be defeating the purpose. As I mentioned in my previous post (How to make your Weight Loss plan work!)  a good…

How to make your Weight Loss plan work!

Have you ever thought that calories are more than an amount of energy that fuels your body? Seeing healthy food as more than just the means for weight loss, will expand your perception about all the reasons for eating clean and making it a way of living! Food has never been the enemy to maintaining a gorgeous slim body full of energy. In fact, with smart nutritional choices and a better understanding around nutrition you can eat much more than before and turn your body in a fat burning machine! Yeah, baby! 🙂  It is only the choices we make that can either break us or make us. Having a good understanding about healthy nutrition will help you in so many different ways! I’m pretty sure that you already know that a balanced diet combined with regular exercise and activities will give you the best results, but is not always about energy in…