Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Greece

Many people from across the globe long to go on a Greece travel holiday –and for good reasons! My home country is known for its beautiful picturesque tourist spots and delicious local cuisines. In fact, Greece is expecting over 30 million visitors this year! If you’re searching for Greece summer vacation ideas but aren’t looking forward to joining a throng of tourists, here’s a tip: take the path less travelled! Greece isn’t just about Athens, Santorini, and Delphi. There’s a lot more to the country than you think! So, if you want to make your summer vacation unique and memorable, think about uncovering the country’s hidden gems. Let me take you to the place I grew up and give you some Greece summer vacation ideas you could try: Visiting Quaint Places Away from Tourists I grew up in the area of Volos and Pelion, two stunning areas that you should definitely…