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Emotional eating (part 2): How to beat the comfort food feeling!

Are you really hungry, or are you going through another emotional wack? Emotional eating is a little bit tricky! I totally get it if you tell me that you are tired and you just want to reach out for a little bit of comfort in something small and delicious like a piece of chocolate or a cookie…and to tell you the truth, life is too small for worrying about eating a tiny cookie. It’s the little pleasures in life that make our days special! You see, you are not going to book a first class ticket to heaven if you behave, because it’s not a sin to enjoy naughty food…What most likely makes your relationship with food a living hell is the guilt of overeating. The real problem with emotional eating is not what we eat, but how much we eat and our inability to take control. These moments that bad mood takes…