How to make your Weight Loss plan work!

Have you ever thought that calories are more than an amount of energy that fuels your body? Seeing healthy food as more than just the means for weight loss, will expand your perception about all the reasons for eating clean and making it a way of living! Food has never been the enemy to maintaining a gorgeous slim body full of energy. In fact, with smart nutritional choices and a better understanding around nutrition you can eat much more than before and turn your body in a fat burning machine! Yeah, baby! 🙂  It is only the choices we make that can either break us or make us. Having a good understanding about healthy nutrition will help you in so many different ways! I’m pretty sure that you already know that a balanced diet combined with regular exercise and activities will give you the best results, but is not always about energy in…

A More Human Fitness

In our day to day life we come across numerous theories about dieting and workouts. Most of these are based on science and observation. Some are just another fad and nothing more that a well-marketed idea. Regardless, I find that all of these methods don’t take into account something extremely important: The human factor! Fitness is one of the sciences studying the human body, however I find that our knowledge to date is far behind. This statement not only comes from a strong believer of science, but also from a person who after spending most of my life training, I came to a greater understanding that there are much more about our bodies, than plain statistics. Functions and connections which science hasn’t found yet, proved or demystified. Our minds or phycology would be one of these unexplored areas. I prefer naming these “intuitive” or you can just name it “unpredictable…