My Latest Addiction

Do you want to know what is my latest addiction? VULNERABILITY! Yes, that state that you find yourself to be so emotional, fragile and weak. Call my crazy, but I love it! And here’s why… BUT first let me share an allegory story… “Once upon a time there was a little Princess who was full of love, creativity, spontaneousness, and truth…she was a true inspiration for many…but soon enough, as she was growing older into a young woman she had to “adult”. Her father, the KING, had plans for her and the crown. The Princess had to play her role and obey the rules. Wear the mask she was given. Follow the protocol; to soon marry the Prince. The Princess, being unable to break her father’s heart, had no option but to lose a part of her sensitive heart, compromise her feelings and take RESPONSIBILITY of her role; for her family’s…

The Change Cycle

Sometimes life is too hard! We just wish things were different and we don’t know from where to start. We wake up feeling unmotivated and tired. We go through circles of feeling lost and afraid. We worry about how we’re going to pay our bills and make more money. We see our relationships with our loved ones going nowhere or we find ourselves spending countless nights of loneliness wondering why. It’s a really sad experience wanting the best out of life, only to see our hopes and dreams vanish. It happens to EVERYONE and you are not alone! Discontent and unhappiness is a reality we experience one way or the other, only for pushing us to a new direction; the one that we have to take action! The one we need to actively make a change! This change can be an outcome of a dramatic experience in life or just…