Dress in style with an orange dress

Dress in style with an orange dress this March. Orange is the color for strength, courage and confidence making it a great fall color and a symbol of womanly strengths. I love bold single colors. They make a woman stand out with regal confidence. It communicates the authenticity of a woman and her acceptance of herself. She doesn’t need the approval of others because she is happy in who she is. This, plus, my love for fashion and design resulted in my latest creation: A simple yet elegant dress that says dress in style with an orange dress.  I decided to keep a similar design to my two previous dresses, namely my red valentine dress and my weekend retreat dress. I find this style to be a good balance between refreshing and elegance. Orange chiffon and Bali weather work beautifully together, turning you into a fashion diva. Match the exotic…

Celebrate a Weekend at a Resort With Elegant Attire

Visiting Munduk Moding Plantation was a great time away from the busyness of my week. For my review on Munduk Moding read here. To celebrate my weekend away, I decided that I would create another design, this time it would be specific for the resort. My way of capturing the beauty and relaxed nature of Munduk Moding. I wanted to enjoy the resort with elegant attire that was also comfortable and feminine. I decided that chiffon was the ideal fabric for the outfit I wanted to wear. It had to be light, cool, and breathable. Bali is quite a warm place to be so lighter fabrics work really well at keeping you from passing out from sunstroke. Besides going to a resort with elegant attire is essential. The resort wear would be a crop top with a low V-like neckline and frills on the shoulders to give the outfit some…