Let’s talk about macronutrients in your diet!

Knowing how to use macronutrients as an ally to your diet does miracles in your training and shaping your body! As I explained on my previous blog post How to turn a “diet” into fitness goals, the way we combine macronutrients in our nutrition affects our appetite, hormone levels, energy and general health. Each of the macros has a different effect on our bodies in ways that help your overall fitness goals. If you use your macros in a smart way, you’ll very soon see results on your body and understand the meaning of “We are what we eat”. So, don’t worry, it’s all about chemistry here, and it’s much simpler than it seems! Protein: The muscle builder Why should you love protein and include it in every meal? Protein intake is vital, because it regulates most of our body’s functions. It is important for cell renewal and maintenance of various body structures such as organs, blood circulation and…