Why do I travel?

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was to travel as much as possible, and quite frankly, as far as possible! Exploring new countries and cultures has become one of my favorite hobbies in life, and I can always make room for travels. The feeling I get after landing in a foreign country, with nothing but my travel documents and bare essentials, is indescribable and only those who have experienced it know it! So, why do some people get the travel bug and get itchy feet to go as far as they can, while others are quite happy with an annual visit to their favorite (and often times quite close-by) vacation spot? I believe it all comes down to character – some of us feel cozier at home, and some of us feel more at home when we are on a foreign land. Whichever works for…

Personal Diaries: The secret to happiness

In a week from now, I’ll be on my way home. I’m going back to Greece. This flight back home signifies the end of a 5 years circle in my life and the beginning of a new one. What is this end? The end of a personal journey towards reinventing myself, living abroad and setting the foundation of the life I dreamt. What is this new beginning? Happiness and a totally different perspective to life that I would never gain without starting my personal adventure. When I first left my country, I left with a personal mission to do what I love in life and live with excitement and passion…and damn! It was a hell of a ride! I traveled and lived in so many different places, I met people from all walks of life and I had the most profound experiences. I found myself in numerous situations that I…

Dare to live the dream you’ve always wanted!

Dare to live the dream! For many of us, this seems an impossible task. I don’t think we lack the dream it part, but we seem to not know that we have permission to actually live our dreams. We all know the life that we want. We want to be exceedingly happy. You know, the kind of happy that makes everyone else around us happy too. The happy where you can’t help but be giddy with happiness. Yet, we settle into this monotonous rhythm of sleep, wake up, eat, go to work, come home, a bit of socializing here or there, eat again, and go to bed. Day in and day out this is our lives. A lot of the time, we work in a job we hate to pay off a ridiculously high mortgage for a house that we don’t even have time to enjoy. Our families and friends feel…