Life in Bali – The good, the real and the ugly (Part 1)

When I first came to Bali in August, I never thought that a place can be so artfully contradicting and diverse. I traveled a lot in the past and lived in similar places like Thailand, Malaysia and Egypt, but only Bali perfectly describes a harmonious chaos. I arrived here on my own knowing very little about this place. Soon enough, with the help of some wonderful people I met along the way, orientating and adjusting to this new environment was easy. In general locals and expats are very open, friendly and happy to help with everything. It’s beautiful to see how people support each other in this community.  Whatever is the reason you find yourself in Bali, this place is a safe haven for many. Recreation and Wellness For recreation, Bali provides several outdoor options such as hiking, snorkelling and diving, however Bali is best known as an ultimate surfing destination.…