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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life was to travel as much as possible, and quite frankly, as far as possible!

Exploring new countries and cultures has become one of my favorite hobbies in life, and I can always make room for travels. The feeling I get after landing in a foreign country, with nothing but my travel documents and bare essentials, is indescribable and only those who have experienced it know it!

So, why do some people get the travel bug and get itchy feet to go as far as they can, while others are quite happy with an annual visit to their favorite (and often times quite close-by) vacation spot?

I believe it all comes down to character – some of us feel cozier at home, and some of us feel more at home when we are on a foreign land. Whichever works for us the best is the right thing to pursue.
But… I always try to persuade people to travel and explore new things!I know, I know, I should be more understanding, traveling is not everyone’s cup of tea… but, why do I do it?

Clean Up Dive – Dahab, Egypt

First thing first, it’s my curiosity and need for adventure. I’m this kind of person that I like changing up things and I’m open to new…new experiences, people and environments. There is nothing more intriguing for me like the unknown. Packing my suitcase for a new destination puts a huge smile on my face, because it reminds me that life is exactly that…an adventure; an unpredictable series of events, or at least, that’s how I want my life to be. Why?

Personally, I know that one of the reasons why I travel, is not only the getting to know foreign things better – food, cultures, people – but to get to know myself better. Traveling over the last 6 years of my life, has helped me expand my horizons and shape my character in a way I have never thought possible.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For example, when you are stuck on a loud and dirty airport in the middle of a new (and often times, difficult to deal with) country with a crying toddler screaming his brains out next to you, and your plane is just about to take off and your luggage is still not coming out the baggage carrousel… Or when you end up on a lousy bus station, with a weird tattooed dude smoking his tobacco (or do I still like to believe it was tobacco?!) pipe, and you have zero change in the foreign currency while needing to use the toilet that requires the tiniest amount of change… Well, believe me when I say, you become flexible and tolerant and friendly in unimaginable ways.
And you befriend the weird tobacco pipe dude.
And you hold the baby while the mother makes his dinner.
And with that, you help them. So they end up helping you as well.

And as you do, you learn about compassion and you get to know that people are actually quite nice no matter their looks or circumstances, because… well, they are people, just like me and you.

And that, my friends, is a thing you learn solely by traveling. You learn how to adjust, adapt, readjust, readapt, you build character. Enduring hardships alone, while being abroad, helps you grow and shape as a person.

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

You know, traveling teaches you that there’s always going to be a problem about something – the timetable, the takeoff, the landing, the luggage… Always. But, it teaches you that you have two choices – you can give up and go home in the same second as the first issue arises, or you can buckle up, make up your mind and determine that, well… what the heck, I am already here and I am going to make my time well worth!Same as with life.

So travel, be brave, and go get your passport stamped! All you need is courage and faith!

Sofia x


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