As my five-year trip away from my family came to a close, let me take a moment to reflect about family bond. A few years ago, I would never think how important is to stay connected with my roots, and most of all with my parents.

When I left my home country five years ago in pursuit of my dreams, I knew that my life will be full of travel. I was excited to see the world and thrilled to meet people from all walks of life. Most of all, I wanted to live my own adventure; an adventure that was full of changes and life lessons. It was then that I realized the importance of family bond and love.

A Constant Change

You know what they say, “the only thing constant is change.”

Today, everything changes so quickly, and if it happens to follow a similar career to mine, knowing what’s next is the road less travelled. Definitely with a life like mine you can never get bored, but if you’re not careful, you could lose yourself in the process of trying to keep up with everything.

In my fast paced world, I knew I almost did! In the midst of chaotic adaptation, you need to have something –or someone—as a constant point of reference so you don’t go astray. For me, that constant point of reference was my parents. Regardless of where I am, what I’m going through, or who I’m with, it is my parents –who are miles away from me—that kept reminding me that despite the changes, sweet home will always be the same.

When you’re traveling in places you’ve never been and meeting different types of people, having a strong sense of self is essential. It is easy to lose yourself when you are living abroad and have no connection with your culture. Under this light, I found important reconnecting with my family and my roots. This not only strengthen my identity, but also helped me discover more about who I am! I believe every creative has to be deeply connected with themselves in order to bring the best out of everything they do! So, for me authenticity and knowing myself is the foundation of my creative expression.

A Bond that Will Never Break

After I went back home, I was excited to finally reconnect with my family. It’s funny how I needed to be away to appreciate the unique family bond that we have. After all these years, I have grown to understand my family more. I feel closer to them than ever and I can see a part of me in them.

One of the realizations I had in my five-year journey is that your family bond is the only tie that will never ever break. No matter how much you stretch it, test it, or even ignore it, it will be there –especially when you need it the most. This creates a sense of safety, that regardless what life throws you, you are always loved.

From where do I get the strength to carry on? When the world is being unfriendly to you, that family bond will pull you back in to a warm place where you’ll always feel safe and loved.

A Fresh Perspective

My return to Greece gave me a fresh perspective on my parents and their unconditional love.

I look up to my parents more than ever as I recognize how challenging it might have been to raise children and prepare them for the world. It was tough for them not having me around, but I saw in their eyes that my happiness is above all. During these 5 years we both came to understand that it’s not the distance that matters, but how much we truly stay connected.

I know it’s cliché but it’s worth reminding all of us that “family is the core of how we are”. No matter where you might end up in the world, your family will be there with you. It holds memories of your childhood, your identity, your upbringing. The more you know your family and culture, the more you understand who you are.

As for me, whether I’m in Greece or in an unknown island in the Pacific, I know love and support will always be with me. And I wish the same for you – that wherever you go, your family bond and love will always make you feel home.

Sofia x

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