Many people from across the globe long to go on a Greece travel holiday –and for good reasons! My home country is known for its beautiful picturesque tourist spots and delicious local cuisines. In fact, Greece is expecting over 30 million visitors this year!

If you’re searching for Greece summer vacation ideas but aren’t looking forward to joining a throng of tourists, here’s a tip: take the path less travelled!

Greece isn’t just about Athens, Santorini, and Delphi. There’s a lot more to the country than you think! So, if you want to make your summer vacation unique and memorable, think about uncovering the country’s hidden gems.

Let me take you to the place I grew up and give you some Greece summer vacation ideas you could try:

Visiting Quaint Places Away from Tourists
I grew up in the area of Volos and Pelion, two stunning areas that you should definitely visit when you’re in the country.


Pelion is dubbed as a mythical destination by many – and rightfully so! According to ancient Greek mythology, the place believed to be where Centaurs came from.

Since ancient times it was considered to be one of the best summer destinations: Do you know that Mount Pelion was said to be the place where the Olympus gods and goddesses spent their summers? If Zeus and Venus did, there must be something special about this place!

Have a breath of fresh air, cool down in cascading rivers, explore olive groves, and enjoy an afternoon walk in cobbled villages where wild flowers line up your path. Whether you prefer the forest or the beach Mount Pelion with its 24 villages have you covered!

Have an exhilarating view of the Aegean at Zagora, a small town just at the eastern side of Mount Pelion. Zagora is the biggest village of Mount Pelion and is known for its unmatched apples.

Feast your eyes on charming traditional houses with carved wooden doors and ornamental windows. Let your hair down and spend an evening in one of the village’s square visiting the town’s most exquisite bars and taverns. Make sure you taste the local delicacies!

Worried about losing your tan? Visit Chorefto and Agious Saranta, and enjoy the cool clear blue waters of these multi-awarded beaches!

Volos is one of the most attractive cities in the country and it’s perfect for those who want it all!
The rich historic background of the area draws tourists from around the world. It’s the town of Argo (Yes, the one from the story of legendary Jason and the Agronauts) and its one of the biggest harbors in Greece. If you are into sailing, Volos is one of the best places to anchor.

If you like elegant architecture, visiting Volos should be one of your Greece summer vacation ideas. It boasts of stunning museums, mansions, churches, municipal halls, and more.

Overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf, Volos gives you a breathtaking seafront with its charming cafes and restaurants at the port. Don’t leave the town without having “tsipouro” and “meze”.

Being on an island mood? Exploring the islands of Greece is often part of the top list of Greece summer vacation ideas. And why not? The islands Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos near Volos have something for all kinds of travelers.

Discovering Tucked Away Islands and Beaches

Popular for its greenery and golden beaches, Skiathos is well-loved by tourists of all ages. To see the most popular beaches in the island, head on over to the south side, where you’ll also see the renowned Bay of Koukounaries.

If you’re looking to explore exotic beaches – which I really hope you’d do in this island– make sure to visit Lalaria. The beach can only be accessed by boat. The best part? You’ll also see the Medieval Castle along the way.


Another activity that should never be missing in your list of Greece summer vacation ideas is visiting Skopelos.

Have you ever watched Mamma Mia? This is one of the places they shot the movie (along with a few other places around Pelio, like Damouhari).

Take your bikinis and board shorts out and get a beautiful tan lounging at the beach. Enjoy Skopelos’ crystal clear waters and spend time with the people that matters most –your family.


Alonissos offers a relaxing sanctuary for the tired tourist. No matter when you go, the island is always calm and inviting. Explore its countryside to see its traditional villages. Have a romantic evening walk with your loved one at Roussoum Gialos or Votsi, two popular seaside villages in the island.

Ready for your Greece summer vacation? Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and let me know how it went!

Happy trip! x

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