In a week from now, I’ll be on my way home. I’m going back to Greece. This flight back home signifies the end of a 5 years circle in my life and the beginning of a new one. What is this end? The end of a personal journey towards reinventing myself, living abroad and setting the foundation of the life I dreamt. What is this new beginning? Happiness and a totally different perspective to life that I would never gain without starting my personal adventure.

When I first left my country, I left with a personal mission to do what I love in life and live with excitement and passion…and damn! It was a hell of a ride! I traveled and lived in so many different places, I met people from all walks of life and I had the most profound experiences. I found myself in numerous situations that I would never encounter otherwise. I was on a trial and error phase of pushing my limits, learning more of who I am and what I am made for. I would say I have tested my mental strength in any possible way, yet I kept my sanity! (Maybe that was the greatness achievement of all and a testament to the human mind; we can endure more what we think!)

Deep down we all know what we want out of life. We think of it, we dream of it, but we never get to know our true selves until we really get the “real thing” done. Even when we do, what do we really learn from this process? How far will we go in order to finally step into a new level of awareness? In the mind’s eye we can go as far as it takes, and we see ourselves in this amazing place of achievement and happiness, but when we decide to make our dreams happen, and step out of what we know, we soon realize that life has a different script written for us. Will we endure? Will we make it? Can we find the hidden blessings in any challenge?

In my case, it took 5 years to figure out what is the way to fulfillment. So far, I was persistent enough to keep going, but my life had nothing to do with my initial intentions of living a life of excitement and true happiness. Instead of living the dream, my life was a repeating scenario of same stories, of same pain points and failures. A “script” of unfortunate events that I was playing over and over, but somehow it was trying to tell me something. I knew it wasn’t my bad luck, but an opportunity to see the truth…A revelation that I was ignoring or possibly I didn’t have the wisdom to see. Year after year my life was slightly progressing, yet I was stuck in the same situation. What was that I was still missing out? What was that secret to happiness?

The turning point was when I started seeing life from a whole new approach! A more intuitive and free of judgement point of view that allowed me to let go of what I thought “I should” and I started doing “what it felt happy”. It was so simple, yet so hard to do! We experience pain, difficulties and obstacles when we deny to see that we are not living by what we value the most. After so many years I finally figured out that fulfillment is not measured based on hard work or what it seems to be right, but in our ability to adapt and expand in an emotional and mental level. Our ability to trust what we know in a soul level. We are only so close to happiness as close we are willing to learn and let go of the things that no longer serve us. I now accept and fully embrace this principle. What I was once resisting, it has now become my daily mantra.

It didn’t matter whether I was abroad or not. It wasn’t about the last 5 years, but about the decision to follow what I truly want in my life that put me in the process to change in multiple aspects. I strongly believe now, that our mission and vision, is nothing more than the person we yearn to be. When we decide to become this person, then we enter a process of endless transformation. It’s an experience that deconstructs all of who we are, in order to reinvent ourselves and step into our true potential; a state of fulfillment.

The vision, the so called destination, is only a process for bridging the distance between where we are and where we want to go. It is about the willingness to embark for our own adventure and commit to our personal growth. It’s knowledge that you won’t find in any self-development books. Usually, we don’t read about our story, we write our story and every chapter is a new level of self-awareness. It’s a step closer to inner understanding and enlightenment. The story is different for each of us, yet we all aim for a happy ending. How many chapters we’ll need to write?

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