Black is the color of extravagance and elegance. It’s a must-have classic color for every woman’s closet. Depending on the occasion, black is suitable for almost everything. It’s a color that doesn’t get out of trend, always remaining powerful and bold, while expressing class, elegance, femininity and extravagance.

I created my latest design having in mind that I want to combine the classic style that black implies, in a casual and playful outfit that will be suitable for all day appearances. I love playsuits because I find them stylish yet relaxed, so I came up with the idea of a black satin playsuit with a bustier that is elegant and casual at the same time.

Playsuits in general are not very formal and allow me to feel comfortable without taking out of the sophisticated style. On the other hand, I find that the bustier is pretty formal and classy, makes me look elegant, yet sexy and is great for dinners and cocktail parties.

All in all, I feel that this playsuit is all I am in a nutshell. It’s all I need for, to get my perfect style just by wearing a one-piece outfit. The first thing every woman wants is to feel beautiful in what she wears. The 2nd is to feel comfortable. This playsuit got me covered!

And I won’t even start on how much jewelry or accessories go well with something this simple. The choker I choose for example, give’s a more elegant touch, without exaggerating. Black matches well with numerous colors so I can combine it with shoes in different shades. Here I wear light brown wedges for all day comfort.

The first time that I got to wear this playsuit was in the Suarga Hotel in Uluwatu, Bali. The perfect evening made of an astonishing sunset, cocktails and fine dinning. The perfect combination of black elegance, yet simple and minimalistic look, was just the right thing for the occasion.

Furthermore, Bali always makes me feel like an island goddess, and the playsuit I wore just gave me the crown that was missing, without being too glamorous in a rather laid back tropical life.

Never forget the class that black color brings out of you. And never forget the power of a one-piece outfit that looks good, but feels comfy.

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