Do you want to know what is my latest addiction?


Yes, that state that you find yourself to be so emotional, fragile and weak.

Call my crazy, but I love it! And here’s why…

BUT first let me share an allegory story

“Once upon a time there was a little Princess who was full of love, creativity, spontaneousness, and truth…she was a true inspiration for many…but soon enough, as she was growing older into a young woman she had to “adult”.

Her father, the KING, had plans for her and the crown. The Princess had to play her role and obey the rules. Wear the mask she was given. Follow the protocol; to soon marry the Prince.

The Princess, being unable to break her father’s heart, had no option but to lose a part of her sensitive heart, compromise her feelings and take RESPONSIBILITY of her role; for her family’s honor and fate.

What was so bad after all? For most, she was the luckiest woman in the KINGDOM…she had everything most women ever wished for…a prince, riches and a happy life!

The days went by, the wedding day was approaching, but the Princess was suffering. Despite her inner conflict, the Princess couldn’t deny her true calling…she had to follow her own destiny. She had a greater vision and a mission. She wanted to explore the world, to experience life, to find true meaning in life, and serve others.

Despite her unconditional love for her father, the night before the big wedding, she gathered her courage and secretly planned her escape. She took a horse and a sword and disappeared into the dark. She left behind another piece of her heart.

Now, she was all alone. She had no one on her side any more, and no idea of where was she going. Her only ally was her unwavering FAITH.

Life outside the KINGDOM was hard. She had to become tough and ARMOR UP . She learned to be a WARRIOR of life who goes through challenges with a smile, with grace and glory as princesses do.

Her battles were numerous, and as she was cutting through life with her warrior’s sword and silk dirty dress, she never took time to shed tears for her losses. Neither she took time to celebrate her victories. She had to keep moving to the next adventure as her LOGIC commanded. Venture out to a new quest, discover the next chapter of her life. She was determined to find true happiness in life.

Battle after battle, year after year, the Warrior Princess started losing her spark and passion. Fighting for her cause became a burden. Her sword never felt heavier before. She had no strength for another battle. All of her vision and mission became a blur. “Where can I find happiness, my true purpose in life?” She was confused, lost and afraid.

That day the Warrior Princess cried for hours and she went through the pain. She felt the grief, the sadness, the doubt, the loneliness, the suffering. She allowed herself after all these years to be weak and tender. She dived into her soul’s darkest secrets. She listened to her hearts longing. She faced all of what she was in denial to see. She found all the missing pieces of her heart, and put them back together.

And as she was going through the emotions, she suddenly found clarity! She now understood that without allowing herself to be vulnerable, she will never be all of who she is. She would never be true to her self and others. She would never discover her true worth. She would never experience love. She would never find her true calling. She would never be of service.

She had to open her heart again, to feel the pain and joy and discover the magnificence of her soul. She now found the courage to experience life with a whole heart. A heart that fears nothing, and she became unstoppable.”



Can you find the hidden symbolic meanings in the story? 

Princess = Feminine Essence

King = Current Patriarchal System

Prince = Conventional Beliefs System

Responsibility = Conforming, compromising who you are

Sword = Willpower, perseverance

Kingdom = Society, the known world, comfort zone

Faith = Confidence in who you are

Armor Up = Closing your heart, shutting down your feelings

Warrior = Defending your ideals and who you are

Logic = Disconnecting from your soul

Battles = Goals and challenges


What is the moral of the story?


Sofia x


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