Dress in style with an orange dress this March. Orange is the color for strength, courage and confidence making it a great fall color and a symbol of womanly strengths.

I love bold single colors. They make a woman stand out with regal confidence. It communicates the authenticity of a woman and her acceptance of herself. She doesn’t need the approval of others because she is happy in who she is. This, plus, my love for fashion and design resulted in my latest creation:

A simple yet elegant dress that says dress in style with an orange dress.  I decided to keep a similar design to my two previous dresses, namely my red valentine dress and my weekend retreat dress. I find this style to be a good balance between refreshing and elegance.

Sofia Hills in style with an orange dress on top of a pony in lush Bali.

Orange chiffon and Bali weather work beautifully together, turning you into a fashion diva. Match the exotic nature of the islands by wearing bold and daring colors that define you as sophisticated, elegant and approachable. As you can see from the photos, the orange chiffon really does compliment the beauty of the lush green vegetation which is characteristic to Bali and other islands.

The chiffon is a light material keeping you cool in the heat and humidity of Bali. Thus, you can be sure to dress in style with an orange dress. Plus, the high slit in the skirt of the dress allow you to dress in style with an orange dress. The slit adds intrigue while allowing your movements to remain unrestricted.

styles long dresses - orange chiffon dress worn by Sofia Hills in green Bali.

The bodice of this dress continues the theme of dress in style with an orange dress. It remains body fitting and cool as it incorporates straps and an elegant V-neck. Accessorize this stunning dress with your favorite sandals or wedges and a simple necklace for that finishing touch. style with an orange dress - Created by Sofia Hills in Bali accompanied by pony

Voila! You are ready to dress in style with an orange dress this March.

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