Hey hey! March is here and I hope you are as motivated as I am! I was taking it easy with my fitness lately, so I decided to push my boundaries this month. Sometimes knowing that you can do more, is the best motivation. Knowing that you show up always feels great!

Since you are all curious about my workout routines here’s some inspiration for March. Note that these workouts are customized around my needs and current goals and it’s not a workout plan, hence there is no Monday to Friday structure in the routines you’ll find below. It’s just ideas that you can try out! I like changing it up with my training and I go with the feel. Some days I go hard and some days I take it easy. Some days I improvise and some days I go according to the plan. FYI I’m training in a crossfit facility, thus the exercises are bodyweight or free weights.

There you go!

The Badass Workout: This is a legs and booty workout. It was really a challenge for me, but it definitely worth every minute.

Rope skipping 5 minutes

Skills: Handstand

Workout:  4 rounds, 1 minute rest after each round

Sumo squats 12 reps 50% weight
Hack squats 12 reps 50 % weight
Kneel squats 12 reps 70 % weight
One step side up box 12 reps each leg
Walking lunges with dumbbells 12 reps each leg
Glute extensions 24 reps

The Crossfit Inspired Workout: The WOD was tough for me, but I believe many of you out there you can kick my butt!

2 rounds
Rowing 500 meters
Rope skipping 5 minutes

Skills: Pistol Squats

Handstand pushups 5/10 3x

Deadlift with increasing weight from 50% to 90% 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps
Overhead Squat 10 reps

100x box jumps
100x wallballs
100x walking lunges

Upper Body Madness Workout: Good and solid all around upper body training

Superset Pullups and pushups 3×10

Workout with max weight:
3 rounds
Bench press with dumbells 12x
Biceps hammer curl 12x each hand
Dumbell snatch 12x each side
Barbell row 12x
Triceps pushdown with rubber 12x

Abs: 3 rounds
Toes to bar 10x
Sit ups with plate 10x


Bye bye Legs Workout: This is not for the faint-hearted!

4 rounds (12, 10, 8, 6 reps, each round increase weight)

Hip Thrusters
Reverse Lunges

Finish with 3 rounds of 30’’ on 10’’ rest:
Explosive Lunges
Frog Squats
Kick backs (rubber band)
Hydrants with Leg Extension elastic
Kettle-bell Swings

Give it a go and let me know how you did!


Sofia x

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