Visiting Munduk Moding Plantation was a great time away from the busyness of my week. For my review on Munduk Moding read here.

To celebrate my weekend away, I decided that I would create another design, this time it would be specific for the resort. My way of capturing the beauty and relaxed nature of Munduk Moding. I wanted to enjoy the resort with elegant attire that was also comfortable and feminine.

I decided that chiffon was the ideal fabric for the outfit I wanted to wear. It had to be light, cool, and breathable. Bali is quite a warm place to be so lighter fabrics work really well at keeping you from passing out from sunstroke. Besides going to a resort with elegant attire is essential.

The resort wear would be a crop top with a low V-like neckline and frills on the shoulders to give the outfit some character and elegance.  I find low necklines are complimented well with a necklace. If I am wearing a material that has a busy pattern, I prefer to keep my accessories simpler whereas a single hue dress like my Valentine’s Day dress can be paired with a bolder accessory.

resort with elegant attire

Because I used a crop top, a longer skirt would balance the outfit beautifully while maintaining that elegant style. I still wanted it to keep that lighter feel to it so I gave it a long slit in the front. As you walk, this style of dress will give you a feminine and elegant appearance.

Since I was staying at Munduk Moding Plantation, I didn’t need to dress the outfit up too much, so I chose to walk around bare foot in my lovely chiffon dress. Celebrating a resort with elegant attire is a great way to start and end a gorgeous weekend away.

resort with elegant attire

What are your thoughts on my outfit?

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