Munduk Moding Plantation recently invited me to spend a few days in one of their villas. To say I was excited was an understatement. This is part of the dream life of any lifestyle and travel blogger – to explore the beauty of the world around them.

Friday couldn’t come soon enough. Amid my excitement, the weather decided that it wanted a break from gloriously sunny days. The result – an overcast and rainy weekend. Fortunately, that didn’t stop me from exploring the luxurious resort of Munduk Moding Plantation.

I arrived at Munduk Moding Plantation at 4 pm on Friday afternoon to be greeted with rainy conditions. The rain and fog remained throughout the weekend with the sun only resurfacing again on Monday. As a result, I did not get to see much of the surroundings of the resort, but gave me ample time to enjoy the gorgeous villa that I had been booked into.

Overview of Munduk Moding Plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation is a stunning luxury resort situated in North Bali among luscious rain forests. For those sunny days, the rain forests beckon to visitors looking for a getaway or an adventure. To add to the adventure and experience, visitors are able to participate in horse riding and a guided walk into their coffee plantation. Due to the rain, I was unable to explore the rain forests surrounding Munduk Moding Plantation, however, I can see that it would be quite breathtaking during good weather conditions.

 Besides being nestled in the luxurious vegitation and vibrancy of nature, Munduk Moding Plantation comes with an assortment of other activities that will introduce you to the local culture and tradition.  You can also spend time at the resort’s Spa or visit the Entertainment room for a pool game or ping pong match.

My experience of the Villa

The villa I stayed in is a fantastic retreat for honeymooners, couples, and those, in general, seeking privacy. Being a one-bedroom private pool villa, I found the decor and space well utilized. The bedroom and bathroom are separate from the kitchen and living room, coming of course with its own deck and infinity pool.
Munduk Moding Plantation

The living room boasts a gorgeous fireplace, perfect for a more romantic setting or for those days when you want a bit more warmth or cozy ambiance.
Munduk Moding Plantation Sofia Hills in the living room

The view from the villa is spectacular. As you can see below, the cloudy skies took away much of the view. I can imagine how stunning the view is when the skies are clear and you can see for miles.

Munduk Moding Plantation

With Munduk Moding Plantation, you can swim in your own spa pool while enjoying the great views overlooking the rain forests and coffee plantations.

Munduk Moding Plantation

The villa’s bedroom is comfortable with a gorgeous double bed and its own sofa. You really can relax any way you want to in the luxurious villas of Munduk Moding Plantation.

Munduk Moding Plantation Villa Bedroom

Upon arrival, I sauntered into the bathroom to discover an exquisite flower bath to begin my experience on a relaxing note. Overall, the bath was a really generous space complete with a rain shower and a glass roof over it.

Munduk Moding Plantation – A visit at the Spa

When I visited the Munduk Moding Spa, I found it to be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. They have an array of treatments available. I chose to have the traditional Balinese massage which was a fantastic pampering experience.

Munduk Moding Spa

Whether you want to have a massage or spend a day at the spa, their facilities ensure your experience is worthwhile. You can enjoy facials, manicures and pedicures, body scrubs, hot stone massage, traditional Balinese massage and much more.
Munduk Moding Plantation - Bathtub, chair and spa

Quality staff equals a memorable experience

While the resort facilities and accommodation are high quality, the staff at Munduk Moding Plantation are what makes this luxurious resort a retreat from the busyness of everyday life. Always with a ready smile and a willing hand, the staff provide excellent service and are ready to accommodate their guests wherever possible.

I loved my experience here at Munduk Moding Plantation and look forward to another stay which I hope will be in better weather conditions so that I can explore the gorgeous rain forests and coffee plantation. Who knows I might add a horseback ride while I’m at it.


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