Sometimes life is too hard! We just wish things were different and we don’t know from where to start. We wake up feeling unmotivated and tired. We go through circles of feeling lost and afraid. We worry about how we’re going to pay our bills and make more money. We see our relationships with our loved ones going nowhere or we find ourselves spending countless nights of loneliness wondering why.

It’s a really sad experience wanting the best out of life, only to see our hopes and dreams vanish. It happens to EVERYONE and you are not alone! Discontent and unhappiness is a reality we experience one way or the other, only for pushing us to a new direction; the one that we have to take action! The one we need to actively make a change! This change can be an outcome of a dramatic experience in life or just a conscious decision for a happier life. Whatever is the reason that you are fed up with a situation you are just at your breaking point and about to move on!

Sometimes, the truth of our desicion is scary. This desicion is about to bring significant changes in our lives and take us far from our comfort zone; far from what we knew to date. Possibly it will makes us a completely new person that we are afraid to meet. While this change equals happiness, it requires a tremendous amount of courage and determination in order to make it happen. Suddenly, acknowledging what it takes to move on, brings all of our insecurities, doubts and fears in our face. Soon enough our motivation fades and our minds block the situations that were causing us pain. We wear our “pink glasses” romanticizing our past and settle once again to our current reality.

Many mind experts call this point backtracking. It’s a inner mechanism for protecting us from pain by numbing an unpleasant feeling. We don’t like putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. Our minds are conditioned to our current reality going back to the old habits, relationships etc. “forgetting” the problem and making us settle for the same situation. Bad story! The same cycle begins. The problem and discontent are just building up. The more you try to ignore it, the more times you’ll find yourself in the same situation over and over in your life. Life is going to throw more crap on your trail, until you decide to break the cycle!

Why should we find ourselves in a dramatic life event or a horrible situation, only to learn our lesson? There is a much better way to do our self-assessment that is called “Extreme Honesty”. All you need is the will to tip the scale! Your desire to change has to be stronger than any of your fears. Sit down with a piece of paper and ask:
What is the cycles that you have? Can you identify any repeating scenarios in your life that cause you pain?
Are you ready to stop this cycle and take action?
Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and create the life you dream of having?
Are you at the point where you will accept nothing less than what you truly want? What are you settling for?
Be honest and strong! You are meant to live the life you deserve!

Sofia x

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