Our mind generates thousands of small fleeting thoughts. In fact, we can have up to 65,000 thoughts per day. According to scientists, 65% – 80% of our thoughts are negative and about 98% of our daily thoughts are identical to the thoughts we had the day before. Quite boring, isn’t it? We tend to trap our mind in a vicious circle of negative thoughts following the same pattern over and over. It really sounds exhausting!

Observing your Thoughts
There is never a moment we stop thinking. We make thoughts even when we don’t realize it. These small fleeting thoughts coming in and out of our conscious mind have a significant impact on the way we feel and act. This is why sometimes we experience shifts in our mood without being able to explain the logical thinking behind it. One moment we are happy, the next gloomy. What happen in between? Our feelings are a very good indicator of whether our thoughts are negative or positive. Just observe where you stand throughout the day.

No more Negativity
Negative thoughts produce unpleasant feelings. They have a particularly draining effect and make us feel exhausted by the end of the day. They affect our confidence, motivation, relationships, health and well being. They hold us back us from being the person we really want to be. Plans and goals are postponed, we question our life, we doubt our confidence and ability! The more we allow these negative thoughts come back, the more convincing they become. Why would we like to live that way? Reprogramming our thinking will only help us spread our wings and fly!

Some quick mood shifters:
Exercise or any other kind of activity, like having a walk
Talking to a friend
Having a shower

Make a Conscious Decision
Our brain works very much like a “mind bank” where our everyday thoughts deposit and finally become our memory. We can take our mind away from negative thoughts, by simply changing the way we feel. When you catch yourself doing so, just reflect on the situation from a positive point of view. It’s not about forcing yourself to be happy, is about changing your perspective. I know that it’s not always easy! There are numerous situations that you just can’t help it. That’s fine! It’s a processing period and it’s only temporary. Some situations are really upsetting or stressful. What matters most is your ability to move away from the situation with a positive outlook.

Be that Positive Thinker
What makes a difference between a positive and a negative thinker is the ability to divert the flow of their thoughts; the ability to put in the “mind bank” more positive thoughts than negative. It’s the art of not dwelling on a situation. Life isn’t perfect and your ability to think positive will always be tested.
Positive thinking is life changing and you already know that! What matters most is how you face life. All of us have been through difficult situations over time, but what makes a difference is the way we deal with our circumstances. Negativity rarely gives us the chance to create opportunities and think of better solutions. You only win life’s game with a positive attitude. Your ability to create this mindset will allow you to experience more enjoyable situations and overcome different circumstances easier. You got this, because you WANT this!

Sofia x

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