Continuing my previous blog for my experience in living in Bali to date, here’s a few more things that I’d like to share with you about this place.

Business Opportunities and Networking
Many people visit Bali for inspiration and definitely young entrepreneurs play a big share in Bali’s life. Whether you are a fashion or a jewelry designer, an artist or a digital-nomad, Bali will bring you together with other creative like minded people.
Due to the fast-growing multicultural environment, business opportunities arise for everyone who wants to invest in setting up a business. Whether you dream of settling in Bali or you are eager to explore money making opportunities everything that benefits the local economy has potential. Just do your research first.

Bali people are incredibly friendly and helpful. Whatever you need help with, you can be sure that someone in Bali will be happy to lend a helping hand. Plus, you can meet a variety of people ranging from locals to expats to tourists. You name it, Bali has it.

Climate and Environment
Summer often gets quite hot but fortunately this heat does not come with a lot of humidity. Sunscreen has become my new best friend since I started living here.
During the rainy season, along with the rain comes the humidity which often leaves you feeling hot and sticky. A rain coat will become your best friend for a ride!

Sadly, away from the five-star resorts, the poverty in Bali is confrontational. Small towns like the one I live in (Canggu) are overpopulated and the pollution and dirt are overpowering at times. The pollution continues in the rainy season due to the runoff and the beach is heavily littered. Swimming, surfing or beach activities thus take a decline. For someone who studied marine environmental management and spent quite a lot of time diving and cleaning up beaches, this is a very disappointing scenery. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work to be done about environmental education in developing countries. Plastic here is a disease!

Crime is minimal. There are rarely nasty incidents of theft or attacks, but it’s always good to be mindful when it comes to wandering on your own, especially during the night. Common sense precaution!

Maybe something to consider regarding your safety in Bali is your encounters with short-term visitors. Bali for some is like Wonderland, and they believe that they can live in a fantasy world just for escaping reality for a few days. Unfortunately, sometimes this behavior is extremely disrespectful towards the local community and culture.  It kind of blows my mind sometimes. The same attitude is adopted on the road as well. Just stay away from Peter Pan and you’ll be safe!

What I love about Bali
Bali has a beautiful way of merging the poor and the wealthy, the simple and the exotic, the old and the new into a life of unexpected surprises and pleasantries. Going with the flow it’s the only option here. This place has its own magical way of teaching us what we can only control and accepting things the way they are.

Bali has played a large role in shaping me into the woman I am today. I have learned to slow down and enjoy life more. The simple things in life have taken on a new look, one in which I find myself valuing more than I thought possible. I have become more patient and present in each moment.

The simplicity and kindness of this place really humbles me and reminds me my own journey; creating something out of nothing and with very simple means. This culture of offerings reminds me to appreciate more and live with gratitude.  Thank you Bali!

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