How many times have you found yourself spelling out the reasons holding you back from the person you are and the person you want to be? I think we all have been in a transitional state of our lives that we felt that it’s time to move on, that it’s time for change!

Personally, I’ve been there many times! It’s easy to get inspired, but in reality becoming a better you, it’s a daily mental practice. It never really stops! You can’t really expect to become better without wisdom, experience and focus. It’s a step by step learning process to keep your mind in shape. You need a plan, motivation and consistency! You need to remind yourself that it’s time to change your old habits and put every day a little bit of effort in developing the new you!

The concept of the Higher Self
This may sound somewhat abstract, but who you are now and who you want to become is the very same person. The only difference is that the person you want to be is in a greater state “x” that currently is not part of your reality. This very same person happens to be all you desire and all your desires are hidden in your heart. Did I confuse you? As strange as it may sound at the very essence of your personality your heart’s desires will always be with you. What sets you apart from where you stand now and where you want to be it’s not really the time, but your emotional and mental growth.

Get ready to meet the new YOU

Meeting your higher self is a conscious plan of action and a decision to leave behind the old patterns by developing new. Who you are now reflects all the moves you made so far. So, what are your plans for your future? These plans will determine the person you want to be. It’s not actually the plans that define you, but the decisions that you’ll take. Committing to a process is what makes you stronger and the way you handle any situations arising make you wiser.

Part of your new life is to envision and make a clear picture of how you want to shape your future. Take a piece of paper and write down in every detail who you want to be. Be as honest and crazy as you can be! Dare to be wild, ambitious and free. Just be you! This will help you stay on track and remind you your destination; use it as your mental road map to your personal success.

When you specify your goals, you have already made a decision. This action is the force pulling you towards the right circumstances, occasions and conditions to achieve your goals. As you take action and work for your higher goals, you develop a sense of identity and you become more focused and present into your real life purpose.

So what? Sh*t happens!!!

Some of your past or new experiences may impact on your life deeply, but this is part of the process. We aren’t made to know everything beforehand, but we are destined to become as good as we want to be. We can only take the good out of a situation and become stronger.

Stop questioning and doubting your ability to get where you want. Trust your decisions and let yourself gain experience through making mistakes. We are only human and our judgment about situations and people relies on our level of experience. When you see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and not as an opportunity to beat yourself up, you already make an investment to the future. It’s called self-love. Reflect on what you learned from your slip; how to become better, what to avoid or what to consider.

Develop a Positive Mindset
Meeting your better self it’s harder than going to the gym on a daily basis. Our minds are getting distracted so easily that losing focus it’s inevitable. Make sure that you use your notes to remind you your goals. Reading or listening to audio books of your favorite inspirational speakers or spiritual teachers will help you stay on track and reach your goals faster.

Surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people can really help you in ways you never thought before. You may find yourself where you want to be sooner than you thought. We are a byproduct of our environment. The more you expose yourself at good vibes and new positive experiences the quicker your mind will adapt to this new reality.

You have the choice to create numerous life changing opportunities and live the life you want. A conscious choice to become better is a daily practice. Choosing is an activity which defines where you’ll be next. Nothing can hold you back from becoming the one you choose to be, remember that!

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