When I first came to Bali in August, I never thought that a place can be so artfully contradicting and diverse. I traveled a lot in the past and lived in similar places like Thailand, Malaysia and Egypt, but only Bali perfectly describes a harmonious chaos.
I arrived here on my own knowing very little about this place. Soon enough, with the help of some wonderful people I met along the way, orientating and adjusting to this new environment was easy. In general locals and expats are very open, friendly and happy to help with everything. It’s beautiful to see how people support each other in this community.  Whatever is the reason you find yourself in Bali, this place is a safe haven for many.

Recreation and Wellness
For recreation, Bali provides several outdoor options such as hiking, snorkelling and diving, however Bali is best known as an ultimate surfing destination. Whether you are a beginner or a professional surfer, Bali got you covered.
In this fast growing environment you’ll also find several yoga studios, gyms and crossfit facilities that meet the western standards. Arco and aerial yoga, muay thai, indoors climbing or dancing are some of several other options, depending on the location you live and your budget.
For those who seek to find inner peace, Bali provides numerous spas and spiritual retreats. This place  is also well known for its local traditional healers who is said that they can fix everything from your broken bones to your broken heart.


From street food to five-star dining, Bali caters for a variety of food tastes. Besides the local rice and noodle dishes, you are able to treat yourself to international food such as Indian, Italian, Greek, Mexican or Japanese. Eating out is very affordable and definitely there is a vast selection of local warungs and restaurants to explore.

You’ll find quite impressive the number of options you have when it comes to healthy eating. Energy boosters, elixirs, smoothies, gluten free, paleo, raw vegan are only a few of the regular stuff you’ll see on a menu.  If you are a  Vegetarian you’ll definately fall in love with this place! Plant based diet is a hype here.

Living in Bali is cheap compared to a lot of other international destinations. There are many options for every budget and every kind of traveller. You can find your expectations match in one of the numerous hostels, homestays, hotels, lofts, villas and resorts. Prices depend on the duration of your trip, your negotiation skills and how good you are at networking. On an average, you can find a guesthouse room for about $300 per month or you can get a eautiful villa for an estimated $600 per month.

A word on transport
The best way to  get around in Bali, is to use a scooter. Of course, this means that you need to brave the pile of traffic as you ride into town from the beach and back again. Add the heat to the traffic and you’re in for a bit of patience-testing experience. Bali has its own rules when it comes to driving; there are no rules! Be prepared for finding your own style of survival on the road. Stray animals and bad roads require you to be extra vigilant as you travel on your scooter. Multi-tasking just got taken to a new level! Helmet is a must and an international driving permit a bonus! You can rent a bike for $60-70 per month and it usually comes with a surf rack.


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